If I owned an Inn

If I owned an Inn

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

If I owned an Inn...this is a dream, a desire, a fantasy...follow me if you will.

The philosophy of Hotel Gratitude would be, tune out, turn inward, come home.  Abandon the busy world, give your mind, body, heart and soul a break.  Leave your worries behind you, bring only those you love.  We will sit together, talk together, eat together, laugh together, learn together.

It would be an Inn like no other.  Not where the guest is king, but where the guest is kin.  You may not be waited on hand and foot, but we will hold your heart in our hands and take very, very special care.

We would offer outstanding accommodations, superb food and wine, activities to please the body, heart and soul and opportunities to learn and share.

There will be no televisions, and while we will have wifi, we would encourage patrons to turn off their devices and tune into the moment.

All meals will be family style, derived from the most fresh and local ingredients available, and sometimes even cooked together.

All family members will be welcome, grandmamas, grandperes, kittens, cousins, dogs, lovers and even children.  We will enjoy every moment of every given day, tending the animals, harvesting our own vegetables, milking the cows and making our own cheese, regardless of weather or life encroachments.

Hotel Gratitude is about living in the moment, loving in the moment, and blessing this earth we are so very lucky to inhabit.

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