If I owned an Inn

If I owned an Inn

Sunday, 19 January 2014

...and Petra is our Librarian and Christmas Specialist*

A voracious reader, she consumes books at a rate uprecedented.  She keeps the shelves stocked with Classics, Giller Prize Winners, Edgar Nominees, Canada Reads Entrants, the Weird, the Wonderful and everything written by her favourite author Tim Winton.  Guest are encouraged to bring their favourite books and leave them behind for the enjoyment of future readers.

Nothing precious about books in her Library.  You may bend, you may dog-ear pages, she will even loan you a pen to underline and leave your comments on the flyleaf.  (Page tearing however will be strongly discouraged...note from The Management.)

You may read books in bed (booklights supplied in every bedside table), at the table, in the canoe on the pond.  Petra encourages book clubs, book discussions, and offers to mediate book arguments (book throwing however will be strongly discouraged...another note from The Management.)

Book scattering is permitted - leave a page open anywhere on the premises to inspire all who wander by and read and red lipstick will be left next to selected bathroom mirrors, so that said quotes can be transcribed onto mirrors for further inspiration.  (Vinegar-water spray and clothes also supplied for gentle removal when appropriate.)

Petra - the only no-rules-yes-you-can-speak-loudly-in-my-library Librarian on this Planet.

*Christmas Specialist Duties to be outlined in a future post.

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