If I owned an Inn

If I owned an Inn

Monday, 9 November 2015

Walking, walking walking...

It all begins with walking.  Every morning, as the dawn breaks, we will meet in the silence of the kitchen, fire crackling to warm our muscles, deep dark coffee to stimulate the senses.  We will assemble, pull on our boots, button our coats, bury our sleepy heads in luscious scarves and with mittened hands stride out to greet the day.  With eager dogs circling our heels we will begin our walking meditation, taking care to place feet gently upon the earth to do no harm.  And with every step, with every deep inhale of breath, life will stir in our bodies, in our minds and in our hearts, until we are bursting with the break of day.

This will be the first exercise of the day.  Back from the bracing, face-tingling, sting of morning, Lindsay will divide us into those who will charge the cross-fit obstacle course;  those who will dissolve into hatha yoga; those who will embrace lake waters, and those who simply want to dance and sing.

Even those sleepy heads who hide, blankets pulled up to nose and miss the morning walk will be encouraged to join in round two of morning exercises.

Victoria will encourage milking of the cows and goats, Petra will lead the walking-book-discussion and Jessica will applaud anyone who will stand with her in the kitchen, preparing mise-en-place for breakfast which will follow shortly.