If I owned an Inn

If I owned an Inn

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Contemplating an Event at Hotel Gratitude?

Then, let me introduce our Master Event Designer

Ms. Tally.

Let me say first, NO is not in her lexicon...

Be it roses from Bogota;

or orchids from Bangkok.

Poilâne flown in that day from Paris;

or a tailor from Jermyn Street,

A saddle maker from Utah

or dresses made from gossamer.

...it can be done...nay it WILL be done.

Her affectionate southern style will win you heart over in seconds as she brings you 

aurora borealis,

Glenn Murphy, Oisin O'Callaghan and Ronan Scolard to sing their version of I'll Be There For You,.

She will even turn your pumpkin and mice into a four-in-hand.

And a wedding you whisper?...well that's a topic all by itself.

...Did I tell you Magic is her middle name?

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